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Since 1972, Distri Sport has been the distributor of Yonex products on the Benelux market. At the time, YONEX was started up under the name YONEYAMA - as the founder was Minoru Yoneyama. Meanwhile, Yonex has grown into an absolute world leader in badminton (WBF sponsor and equipment sponsor Olympics) and one of the more serious and ambitious players in tennis (stringer Olympics). Golf clubs, snowboards and bicycles too are in the Yonex line-up because of their absolute graphite specialism. Japanese craftsmanship with its own identity and an absolute attention to details and continuous improvement. That is what is central to the Yonex philosophy.

Japanese Molten makes the best balls in the world. Strong representation worldwide in Basketball (sponsor FIBA) and Volleyball, with great ambitions in Handball (sponsor IHF) and Football (sponsor UEFA League) Molten was added for our Belgian market in 2019. The name Molten comes from the term "molten rubber" their specialization since 1959!


Franklin has been a fixture in the Distri Sport range since 2004. Franklin Sports is one of the USA's biggest baseball brands. Franklin's founder Irving H. Franklin is the inventor (and world market leader) of batting gloves. The brand is a sponsor of the MLB, NFL, NHL and MLS franchise. Distri Sport focuses mainly on baseball for the school sports collection. Pickleball is new in the range. A cross of tennis and table tennis on the size of a badminton court, on which the net is low to the ground. The game is played with a kind of thin paddle racket and a ball with holes. Will be launched in the course of 2020.

Burton is Distri Sport's own house brand sinds 1974 and meets the needs of the school player. Initially, the choice of Yonex badminton rackets was limited to rackets for top players. The famous Burton BX-490 Unbreakable is and remains the most popular racket for school use. (Only a few years later, Mr. Burton started making Burton snowboards - there is no relationship between the two - but an agreement that Distri Sport does not make snowboards, and Burton Co no rackets)

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Padel is thé emerging sport. The factory of the owner of Drop Shot produces for most padel brands. 10 years ago they started their own brand with Drop Shot, with the aim of establishing themselves in the top 3 in the world. They have the technology in-house, JMD is their nr 1 player. Reason enough for Distri Sport to help build-up this A-brand story.

The Yonex Center opened in January 2017 and is currently the best badminton hall in the wide area. Badminton can be played here in a fully automated centre. Yonex Experiences are regularly organized on which one can test the latest Yonex equipment.


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Happy Hands is a water-soaked wet napkin that cleans better than a dry napkin. It is odorless and neutral, so that the taste and smell of a tasty meal is not replaced by a penetrating lemon or floral scent. In the range since 1993 - Distri Sport is the inventor / owner and distributor of the brand worldwide. We supply catering distributors such as Sligro, Hanos, Metro, AVA, Oresto, Bestfood, etc ..

Smell (b) eater is a revolutionary pro-biotic deodorizer. A spray with non-scented probiotics that remove the food from bad smelling bacteria. As a result, the latter have no chance of getting nasty odors in our shoes / helmets / bones / etc.…. New in the range since 2020.

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