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Founded in 1972 by Herman Moens, Distri Sport International NV is the exclusive importer / distributor of a large portfolio of brands. With Yonex at nr1 from the start and  Franklin, Molten and Happy Hands as A-brands. Distri Sport is a distributor for the BENELUX market for all brands, except Molten (only Belgium and Luxembourg) and Franklin (Benelux + France). Distri Sport is a family business with a compact team of great employees. Short communication lines, direct contact, a lot of attention for the customer and for the correct execution of orders are our main assets. Our webshop is a fantastic tool for our customers. Availability, sizes, delivery dates, pending orders, invoices, photos, etc ... can be found here.


Rik Moens - CEO / Owner of Distri Sport since 1997. Just like the high qualilty products we sell, Rik Moens guarantees his high quality performance of the company.  With a beautifully mixed team, we have been trying to serve the customer in the best ways for many years. In words and in actions. Rik is a passionate practitioner in badminton, golf, and tennis. Likes to go on vacation and enjoys reading.

Email: - Mobile 0495/183255


Kristel Moens - Managing Director Kristel is the owner of Distri Sport together with Rik. She is responsible for customer orders and is handy at everything in the company. Kristel has always been active in the sport as a ski instructor and golfer. Due to her charming appearance it is that welcoming touch that makes Distri Sport so cozy. Not present at the office on Tuesdays.


CFO Bob Boemans has been our financial director for years. Bob has been handling Distri Sports finances since 1988. In addition, Bob is responsible for everything related to our sponsored badminton players at Distri Sport. Keeps the webshop up to date, does the administration and what else. Bob is a super fanatic sportsman in his spare time with running, cycling and badminton. For all administrative questions, payments, webshop, orders.

Mobile 0479/901271


Herman Moens was the founder of Distri Sport in 1972. As a Belgian badminton champion he managed to hit the right chord early on and was able to keep growing his company, always focusing on customers and the right products. Meanwhile, the badminton player has become a passionate golfer and still active as a player and seller. Present at the office every Monday for everything related to golf.

Mobile 0475/459561

Birger Abts is our latest addition and you can see that right away. Birger is of course a big name in the badminton world as a player and we are proud that we were able to add him to our staff in early 2017. As a trainer and player, he was a fanatic, and so is he as an account manager in the Flanders region for all our badminton products. He knows a lot about his products and can put it into practice. His hobbies? Badminton of course and CrossFit

Mobile 0478/676455


Gert Bottleberghs has been working for Distri Sport since 2017 and is well known in the tennis world. He has made a good name for himself with his own tennis school and is now active as an account manager for the tennis region of Flanders. Knows the tennis world like the back of his hand and loves the tennis products that Yonex offers. In addition to the tennis products, he is also active for Happy Hands for Distri Sport. Gert has 3 children and eats, sleeps, thinks tennis, tennis and tennis! (and tennis)

Mobiel 0475/791697

Serge Nielens is our representative for the French-speaking part of the country. He has been involved in the history of Distri Sport for a long time. His first sales for Distri sport were in 1986. Serge drives the most miles of all of us and is much loved by his customers. Used to be a short track skater and play competitive squash in the past, and is now active on his mountain bike.

Mobile 0475/425835

DSC_0114 (1).JPG

Ronald Heijstek is Sales and Marketing manager for the Netherlands. Active in the sports world for more than 25 years. Has worked at Distri Sport since 2006 and is our Specialist in Social Media. Ronald handles contacts with contracted players and coaches who are active for Yonex in tennis and badminton. In his sparse spare time he is active as a volleyball trainer and coach and likes to go to the tennis court to test the Yonex rackets.

Mobile 06/5391 6198


Michel Lakerveld is our product specialist for Distri Sport. Writes the product content for the webshop and helps many customers to train themselves and their staff with the knowledge of all products that Distri Sport offers. Has been working since 2007 and visits most customers in the Netherlands. Is a real car freak and cycling fanatic. Reliable and service oriented!

Mobile 06/5391 5558


Flore Vandenhoucke is ruling the warehouse since the end of March 2023.  She is responsible for all customer deliveries in the Benelux. Flore is a 10-time Belgian badminton champion, trainer and avid cross-fitter.   No box too heavy 😊.  Flore serves customers in Dutch, French and English.    Not present on fridays (studies Sport & Marketing then)  

Filip Moens is the oldest son of Rik & Kristel Moens and also the oldest grandson of Herman Moens. Filip started in the company on August 3, 2020 and will get to know all the ins and outs of the family business in the coming months and years. Initially, he will mainly familiarize himself with product knowledge, order management and marketing. Moens version 3.0 obtained his Master in Business Administration at KU Leuven and gained several years of experience at Joos Consulting and Histogenex before joining Distri Sport. Mobile 0473 28 33 67

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